Aldi's is following Food Basics lead by leaving the Central City. Instantly the Inner City is without a major grocery store or discount alternative.

With Aldi and Food Basics gone, we are left with Save-A-Lot, Right Aids, and Convenient Stores. If you've ever shopped at a corner store you know that they get their kicks by buying or boosting (stealing) products from low discount stores and raising the price by 50%.

I'm beside myself with fear thinking of the cheap supermarket knock off that will take the place of Food Basics. Analysts are saying that we can't expect a major chain to come to our rescue because they aren't looking to expand due to a slump in the grocery chain market.


Whatsmore, Farmer Jack (the parent company of Food Basics) was offered by the City an opportunity to wriggle their way out of $85,000 a year in taxes with econonomic development packages. I have yet to find anything to confirm that they took the assistance. I wouldn't put it past them.


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