I just heard that Food Basics (formerly Farmer Jacks) will be closing its stores in the next 90 days. I heard this on WSPD. (sorry I have no other details than that) That's probably the whole idea...its sickening how these people do these things in the Dark.

Thats 300 Jobs, Gone!

This is a disgusting example of Developers Gone Wild! Councilman Ashford and Mayor Ford supported Farmer Jack whole heartedly when they came to town and opened a "Not-All-That-Supermarket" at Cherry/Bancroft.

Not even 5 years into the deal they change their stores into Glorified Aldis (low variety...low customer service....) Councilman Ashford and Mayor Ford were Mum!

Now their looking to close their stores leaving My Community with a big empty Shell!....I'm waiting on a Word from My Councilman and Mayor.


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous New Rap said...

i have never heared of that store


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