looks like i have a potential Conflict of Intrest...I am curently lookin for a New Name....
Seriously. Hip Hop is all about being Fresh, Original, and Unique....

I gotta step my game up!



With the Strength of the Coroner's office ruling Jeffery Turner's Janurary death a Homicide, the Toledo Chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. has asked for a moratorium on Taser use in Schools, Jails, and by Toledo Police in the community.

The Blade Reports:

A Blade analysis of reports from Aug. 20, 2003, to Feb. 5, 2005, showed Toledo police used their Tasers in 199 incidents involving African-Americans. That's 66.8 percent of the 298 times they used Tasers on people during that


Not many people know this, but Cincinnati recently experienced a Taser related death soon after we did. She died days after her tasing due to health related complications. She was a mentally ill woman whose obesity didn't allow for the tasers to take much effect. They tased her 9+ times before they subdued her.

She was not a violent criminal. In fact the Blade states that most cases of Taser use involve people fleeing from Drug arrests and the Mentally Ill.


i have mixed feelings about this. Of course we would be tased the most if we are involved in the Crime where tasers are used the most. Where the criminals are more than likely to resist arrest.

however, there should be some type of limit regarding tasers that is State regulated.


The Food Basics Store on Cherry and Bancroft Posted by Hello


Aldi's is following Food Basics lead by leaving the Central City. Instantly the Inner City is without a major grocery store or discount alternative.

With Aldi and Food Basics gone, we are left with Save-A-Lot, Right Aids, and Convenient Stores. If you've ever shopped at a corner store you know that they get their kicks by buying or boosting (stealing) products from low discount stores and raising the price by 50%.

I'm beside myself with fear thinking of the cheap supermarket knock off that will take the place of Food Basics. Analysts are saying that we can't expect a major chain to come to our rescue because they aren't looking to expand due to a slump in the grocery chain market.


Whatsmore, Farmer Jack (the parent company of Food Basics) was offered by the City an opportunity to wriggle their way out of $85,000 a year in taxes with econonomic development packages. I have yet to find anything to confirm that they took the assistance. I wouldn't put it past them.



I just heard that Food Basics (formerly Farmer Jacks) will be closing its stores in the next 90 days. I heard this on WSPD. (sorry I have no other details than that) That's probably the whole idea...its sickening how these people do these things in the Dark.

Thats 300 Jobs, Gone!

This is a disgusting example of Developers Gone Wild! Councilman Ashford and Mayor Ford supported Farmer Jack whole heartedly when they came to town and opened a "Not-All-That-Supermarket" at Cherry/Bancroft.

Not even 5 years into the deal they change their stores into Glorified Aldis (low variety...low customer service....) Councilman Ashford and Mayor Ford were Mum!

Now their looking to close their stores leaving My Community with a big empty Shell!....I'm waiting on a Word from My Councilman and Mayor.


Good Ol' Boyz

The Blade is hanging Fords dirty drawls out on the line. His campaign reports show he took contributions from Ball and Jackson...the Developers for the new Steam Plant project.

What's the Problem!? Can't Black Folks have a good ol' system too. Can't black people look out for one another...You'll notice Ludeman (the leading Repub on council) is careful to say that the Mayor is not playing favorites...What's good for the Elephant is good for the Donkey right!?

If Noe can contribute Thousands to the Republican Party and rake in a 1million+ return thru State contracts...than Ford can look out for a couple of HomeBoys for a measily Grand.