Through The Looking Glass

Peace, it's ya boy Mercury - happy to be sharing this with my mans Illateef.

Regardless of the outcome of the so-called "Decision 04"
I still feel that Toledo,Ohio is a place that could become known all across the world as a center for social change.

Being among the 50 or so largest cities in the country
(and the U.S. is comprised of over two-thousand cities)
I think it's disheartening that we lack a clear identity.

Toledo, at times, just feels like....blah.

But if you pay attention, all types of shit happens in this city. All types of shit that hardly happens anywhere else.

In a city that is 23-25% African American,
we manage to have an African American Mayor, African American Chief of the Fire Department, African American
Public Schools Superintendent and so on.
Many government officials and media personalties in Toledo
are African American men and women, as well as Hispanic Men and Women.

That's hot, even if the folks in those positions make mistakes - it's still nice to know that our city boasts some signs of progressive thinking.

Gloria Steinam, an internationally recognized author and supporter of the Womens Rights Movement is from Toledo.

W.J.U.C., is one of very few independently owned radio stations in the country, and it's black owned and operated right here in the 4-1-9.

The historic boycott against Mount Olive Pickles,
a brand of pickles that puts it's product on the shelves of grocery stores around the country but treated it's Mexican field hands like modern day slaves....well that company has buckled under the grassroots initiative to force them to allow their workers to unionize and give the immigrants who pick their pickles a fair wage, access to health services and other "normal" working conditions....
the organization responsible for giving those people a victory is none other than Toledo-based Farm Labor Organizing Committee (F.L.O.C.)

These points and many others i could mention should
make the thinking person happy to know that our fair city is doing positive things.

Yeah, we need development downtown.
Yeah, the prevailing mindset is what i call the
"wait for someone else to do it then follow it" mentality.
But even still....

Toledo IS in fact a center for change.

Keep watchin.



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