The Spirit of 2004

The November election in Lucas County was like a Los Angeles Lakers game where Kobe scores a record-breaking 40 points, and the team still loses by 10.

Here in Toledo, thousands of volunteers, supporters, first time voters, progressives, and your garden variety Bush-haters are now left wanting in spite of the Democratic Party’s sweep of the November election.

Any coach would tell you the best way to get over a big loss is to dive right into the next big game. What’s the next big game for Toledo? The mayoral race of 2005.

Thus the dilemma.

You see, the machine that helped Kerry win in Lucas County wasn’t one of purely Democratic blood. It was a hybrid of Greens, Independents, Anti-War protestors, students, and Democrats who miraculously found a way to put aside their personal politics in order to focus on the prime directive: Get Rid of Bush.

Once that mission ultimately failed those “activists” went their separate ways. By November 2005, their wells of personal politics will have again risen to the surface.

Besides, even if they wanted to get behind the local Democratic Party like they did in 04, which sector of the party would they support; The A-Team (elected Democrats) or the B-Team (Democratic Party Headquarters)?!

The Pacers/Fans mêlée has nothing on this Clash of the Political Titans. Imagine a reenactment of Gangs of New York at One Government Center.

Consider the conundrum this conflict creates:

If you supported Kerry in 04 because you wanted to fight the outsourcing of jobs, you’d probably be on the B-Team, controlled mostly by the local unions. And lets not forget the loss of local revenue created by the Smoking Ban. That was a classic A-Team blooper.

However, if you supported Kerry because you belong to a minority group that traditionally votes Democrat, you’d notice that the B-Team has chosen not to appoint any minority candidates to City Council or the School Board. Ultimately, you’d support the A-Team, headed by the first Black Mayor of Toledo, Jack Ford.

What’s a poor progressive thinking, independent voting constituent to do?!

My advice: Don’t wait for the talking heads of the Democratic Party to make this decision for you. Instead, remain organized, fired up, and faithful to the spirit of unity that brought you together in 2004.

In spite of your best efforts, Mission: Get Rid of Bush failed. Your next mission, if you choose to except it, is Operation: Get Rid of Democratic Posers and Party Flunkies.

The Spirit of 2004 should not be lost simply because the election was.



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